I’m just leaving Dublin for Belfast…

Hello all, just about to leave the house and get the bus to Belfast for the Learning Exchange weekend, looking forward to meeting all the participants and having the craic…

See ye at 2pm…


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Micheal M. Pannwitz is taking orders for items from his OST shop for people attending the Learning Exchange

Micheal is offering to carry stuff from
his market stall to Belfast, such as:

'Set of Task Cards' in English or German.

DVD of Open Space for 2000 people. 

Three books by Harrison Owen: 
'The Practice of Peace'
'Expanding Our Now'
'Open Space Technology - A User's Guide'. 

German language items will be available to order.

Harrison Owen's latest book, 
'Wave Rider - Leadership for High Performance in a Self Organizing World' will be available.

Here is the link to the market: http://www.boscop.org/store

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Schedule for the Learning Exchange

Hi Everyone

Here’s the schedule for the Learning Exchange, come along!


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Opening Spaces now on Facebook

Opening Spaces now has a Facebook profile… add us as your friend!

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Application form for the Learning Exchange now available here to download.

16th March

Hello everyone. I am delighted to say that the Opening Spaces Learning Exchange application form is now available. Please click on the link below to download. Looking forward to seeing you all!  Áine

Application form in .doc format; Learning Exchange Application Form

Application form in .pdf format; learning_exchange_application_form.pdf

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Opening Spaces

Opening Spaces is an All-Ireland network of Open Space Technology facilitators.

Our main aims are;

–    To develop Open Space Technology as a facilitation method across the island of Ireland.

–    To organise events using Open Space Technology with a view towards community

–    To provide a support network for Open Space facilitators across the island of Ireland.

–    To disseminate information on Open Space Technology.

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